A few things about us and our values

It is our goal to make sure every client is given the highest level of attention and the best service possible. In order to accomplish this goal we have partnered with some of the industry’s leading technology providers. Our current spectrum of services include virtual servers, Email, hosted websites, phone systems, and Information Technology consulting.
The virtual solutions that we offer are hosted in world class data centers all across the globe. This fact offers the redundancy, reliability, and flexibility needed to give our clients peace of mind knowing their technology is in good hands.

Don’t let technology keep your business from moving forward.

Why the name IT Inertia?

Inertia comes from Newton’s first law of motion that states: “An object in motion will stay in motion unless it is forcibly stopped”. More often than not, companies, especially small companies, are lacking in their information technology department. So, if your company is moving forward don’t let technology be the part of your company that forcibly stops you.

C.J. Moore, IT Inertia CEO
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